Burglary Prevention

Burglars Don’t Mind Getting Caught On Camera

If They Don’t Get Caught For The Crime

Client's Actual Door

iVault Home Protection has already saved a live by preventing a burglary only after 6 months of being in business. Since then, we’ve improved our product to make it 5x stronger and decorative to deter criminals.

No Matter How Strong Your Door

Only This 1/2″ Piece Of Wood Keeps Your Family Safe


DID YOU KNOW, that Home alarms and cameras are not designed to stop burglars from breaking in your home, but only detect them. What happens when alarms are no longer a deterrent to brazen intruders? Because it only TAKES SECONDS TO KICK-IN YOUR DOOR, the average burglary ONLY LASTS 4 – 5 MINS TO COMPLETELY ROB your home of your precious valuables and possibly threatening your family life, and APPROX. 20- 25 MINS FOR THE POLICE TO ARRIVE, criminals know they have plenty of time to do as they will before help arrives.

Due to the fact it only takes seconds to kick in a door at its weak points, forcefully breaking through a door is the #1 entry point for burglars. That is why our patented door reinforcement system makes your existing door 5x STRONGER AGAINST BREAK-INS.

Your home is supposed to protect the things you can’t put a price on – YOUR FAMILY, YOUR POSSESSIONS, YOUR PEACE OF MIND

  • Makes Your Door 5x Stronger To Stop Burglars

  • No Monthly Monitoring Fees

  • 100% Solid Stainless Steel 

  • Only Kit To Protect The Entire Door & Frame

  • Beautiful Design To Enhance Door’s Décor & Deter Criminals


  • Provides Permanent 24/7 Protection

  • Does Not Interfere With The Doors Operation

  • Installs In 20 – 30 Minutes

  • $5000 GUARANTEE with professional install

  • Lifetime Warranty On The Product

Turn Your Home

Into An Invisible Vault