Founded in 2016, iVault Home Protection is based in Atlanta GA, comprised of veterans, former real estate investors and contractors with over 20 years of experience. Having installed several hundred doors, we’ve come to realize that there is a flaw in the basic design of traditional home doors that makes them vulnerable to burglary, due to the fact the entire integrity & strength of the door relies on a 1/2″ PIECE OF WOOD to keep your family safe. This lead us to create a product that would not only strengthen this weak area of the door, but the entire door and frame as well. 

We know that there is more at stake than just a few personal items when it comes to protecting your family. That is why we have put so much into our products and every single project. It is our military background that gives us the ability to pay special attention to detail in order to fight the war on crime and support the safety of your family. Having been victims of burglaries in the past, we truly understand the heartache that comes with the feeling of being violated by a burglar.


iVault Home Protection is a talented team of veterans, former real estate investors, entrepreneurs and family members,
who know that there is more at stake than just a few personal items.

Founder / CEO

Freeman Fields

Chief Strategic Officer

Stan Steele

V.P. Foreign Distribution

Connie Mulen

Active Military & Veteran Liaison

Freeman Fields II

Proud Supporter

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